A few more thoughts about Malawi

The government is changing the flag of Malawi.  Instead of a rising sun, the current ruling party decided it should be a full sun to show that Malawi is no longer rising, it has already developed.  This irks me to no end.  They are going to spend countless dollars replacing every flag in every embassy and all the letterhead and just imagine the cost of replacing every Malawi flag all over the world – probably hundreds of thousands of dollars? – when there are people dying in their country due to lack of medical care and children who are selling mice on the roads instead of going to school.  But instead they're going to spend money on changing the design of their flag? The President was in Lilongwe for their independence day (just 2 days after USA's Independence Day, also celebrating independence from Britain) and I was hoping I might run into him so I could tell him this flag idea was the stupidest thing I've heard of.  Every Malawian agreed it's a dumb idea, and they say they identify with their current flag, but that no one in the government is listening.  To his credit, I hear that the Malawi president has done some very good things for the country, and he was named head of the African Union. Still, government corruption is evident when you see the beautiful black Mercedes government cars driving around town.
Speaking of kids selling mice, I saw some more on the road.  The kids set the brush along the highway on fire, burning the ground, so it is easier to dig and hunt the mice.  I asked if this was legal – for young kids to just set fires along the road willy-nilly, and my driver said it was not legal.  But I saw police right across the road from one of the fires, and they were not paying any attention to it. Instead they were monitoring traffic instead of the growing brush fire. Apparently it requires someone from the department of wildlife to stop the kids, and they don't have their own police force. I guess the regular police only enforce some laws, not others.
Coming and going to Malawi seems to be a challenge – for me anyway.  My flight was delayed leaving Lilongwe, so by the time I got to Nairobi, I missed my flight to Kilimanjaro.  So the airline had to put me up at a hotel in Nairobi for a night, which meant filling in forms and standing in lines and talking to numerous different agents. Luckily, I was not alone, and a handful of other passengers were in the same situation. I asked that they put me up at a hotel near the airport so I could get a 6AM pick up instead of the 5AM they originally offered. The hotel near the airport turned out to be quite swanky – I got to use their Olympic size indoor pool, sauna, spa, gym…. I was quite happy until the middle of the night when mosquitoes started to attack. There was no net in the room – presumably because Nairobi does not have much malaria – but I am witness to the fact that they do have mosquitoes.  And they were the loud buzzy kind, and the kind where the bites really itch.  (Last week I got bites in Tanzania and Malawi, but they were the kind that don't buzz, and the bites did not itch at all.)  So I spent the rest of the night hiding under my comforter and scratching my hands and neck.  When I woke in the morning there was a big blood splat on the sheets – I guess I interrupted one of the mosquito's feeding frenzy during the night and one of us spilled some blood?