Shop for GOod

GO Campaign is delighted to partner with Boon Supply – an online retailer of home goods with a philanthropic mission. With any purchase at Boon Supply, 50% the purchase will go towards the charity of your choice, including GO Campaign. And now, you can choose exactly what project you want to support!

Click here to choose a GO Campaign project. Will you choose to support Local Hero Neema in the Congo, fighting to give girls opportunity for continued education and avoid child marriages? Provide kids living in an Ugandan slum the chance to learn strategy and find hope through chess? Give the gift of music through instruments made from trash? Allow a total care orphanage to continue to service the most vulnerable populations in Kenya? Change the lives of kids with special needs in Tanzania or children of incarcerated mothers in Nepal?

You can do all that just by shopping for bags, organization, kitchenware, or outdoor products and much more.

What are you waiting for? Happy shopping for GOod!

Learn more about Boon Supply’s story here.