Back to School: Bal Ashram Trust (Matching Campaign)

We’ve reached out to our Local Heroes across the globe, and while there are so many back-to-school needs, this one emerged as the most urgent.

Our long-time partner in India, Bal Ashram Trust, founded by Nobel Peace Prize Winner Kailash Satyarthi, needs $24,200 or they will be forced to close the doors to 5 Banjara schools, leaving 150 Banjara students at risk of being trafficked and subject to child labor. With your help, Bal Ashram can continue operations to keep these children safe, educated, and well-fed for the entire school year, through June 2021.

AND – GO Campaign donor Denny Jacobus will match up to $12,100 if we can do it in 7 days! So, we just need to raise $12,100 by Monday, August 24 to keep 150 youth safe and in school! That’s just $80 per student!

Here’s how to help and what we need:

$50 can provide school clothes, shoes, school bag, books, and school supplies for one student for the year.

$150 can provide meals for 30 students for an entire month.

$500 can provide school bags for 150 students.

$1,500 can fund one teacher for the entire school year.

The Banjara are traditionally a roaming tribe without a permanent settlement. These families and children face many challenges including incidences of discrimination, violence, and destruction of their makeshift shelters.

Bal Ashram has been working with the Banjara to offer education, and for the first time in their history, these Banjara communities have been willing to adapt their lifestyle in order to send their kids to school.

Together we can keep all these first-generation students safe and give them the education they deserve!