Support the Children of Gatanga Orphanage

Since 2011, GO Campaign has provided for the immediate needs of the 19 children who have resided at Gatanga Furaha Orphanage. If it were not for GO Local Hero Keziah Mwaura and the support from GO donors, many of these children would have roamed the street instead of going to school; they would have limited opportunities for their future. Thanks to continued support, they had a safe space to live, nutritious food to eat, clothes to wear, and they were able to attend school. Most importantly, they were given a loving home and they had adults like Keziah who cared about them and they had a global community who was supporting them and encouraging them to reach for the stars.

Many of these children were orphaned because their parents died from AIDS and they have suffered the hardships of severe poverty before finding a home at Gatanga. Support from GO Campaign donors gave them the ability to not just attend, but excel in school. There is even one student is in his first year of medical school!

Due to changes in the Kenyan government’s policy on orphanages and a desire to have children reside at home with their family, Gatanga Furaha Orphanage closed its doors on Dec. 1, 2019. However, GO Campaign support is continuing. Keziah has made arrangements to place all the children in boarding schools for the 2020 academic year. Keziah and the social worker, Samuel, will continue to monitor the children’s progress during the year. Samuel will be making frequent home visits and they will visit the students at their school. They are committed to ensuring that all the children continue to thrive.

We want to make sure that every child at Gatanga has the opportunity to continue and complete vocational school or higher education so they can break the cycle of poverty for future generations of their family. Funding from GO Campaign has made real, significant impact in the lives of these children, and your continued support is critical to ensure that they all have the tools they need to excel in school and in life.

Meet Some of the Kids


Hezron (Age 21)

In 2011, Hezron had dropped out of school at age nine and was roaming the streets. He would sometimes look after his younger siblings and run errands for his grandmother. Keziah met him and invited him to live at Gatanga. In 2013, Hezron sat for his national exams and scored 403 out of 500! Now, because of GO Campaign support, Hezron is attending medical school in Russia and pursuing his dream to become a doctor!



Elizabeth (Age 22)

Because of Gatanga’s support, Elizabeth was able to complete primary and high school. She is now training to be an teacher for children ages 2-5. She is doing well in her program and there are already schools waiting to employ her once she completes her studies.



Jackson (Age 19)

Thanks to Gatanga, Jackson was able to graduate from high school. He had a B grade and qualified to enter university! Thanks to Gatanga’s support, he can continue his education. He is interested in studying computer science. He will start university later this year. He received a laptop from GO Campaign and has been focused on learning all her can about computers. He will start university later this year. His mother passed away when Jackson was little. He will stay with his mother’s relatives during school holidays.

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