Urgent Need: Give Warmth to an Orphan this Winter

Winter is here and there is a house full of orphans in Mexico with no heat. We need to raise $3,850 to give Tashirat a wood burning stove system for their new building. The house is a home for children and doubles as the older children’s school (Middle School and High School) in the daytime hours.

Tashirat is an orphanage for the most vulnerable children in Tepoztlán, Mexico (a town south of Mexico City). Since opening the orphanage, they have accepted children with disabilities, children who are too old to be adopted, or siblings that could be separated and left in over-crowded government orphanages for the remainder of their childhoods.

Last year, two building were constructed so they could accept more children with disabilities. These new buildings are larger spaces and have been cold. In the months of November through February it gets down into the low to mid 40’s in the nights which makes their new homes unbearably cold and a definite impediment to the health of the children. Since the last cold season, they have researched the most cost-effective and economic ways to heat these new homes and have discovered the wood burning stoves will meet their needs. They recently installed one of these stoves in one of their new homes, and it is working extremely well and now they need a stove for the last home.

Please help us keep these children warm this holiday season.

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