Keep Hezron in Medical School

Growing up at the Gatanga home for orphans in Kenya, Hezron dreamed of becoming a doctor.  Against all odds, and overcoming many difficulties in his young life that would have derailed most other children, Hezron never lost sight of his goal.  When he finally succeeded in passing his high school exams in Kenya, his dreams were once gain thwarted when the Kenya educational system decided to send him to a finance college instead of a medical college. (Unless you are wealthy, you don’t necessarily get your choice of career in Kenya, and the government often decides for you, without any concern as to your talents or your dreams.)

But Hezron would not be deterred in his dream to be a doctor, his dream to help people who are sick.

He found a path to study medicine in Russia. And with the help of a group of GO supporters, we were able to raise the funds to get him to Russia to pursue his dream.

Now, Hezron is actively pursuing his goals and attending medical school in Russia, which he knows would not have been possible without this wonderful community behind him and without your support and love. However, his school fees for year 2 are due in less than a week, and without them, he will not be allowed to continue his studies or stay in Russia.

We need to raise $8,381 needed to support his second year of medical school and fund a future doctor.

A few months ago, Hezron finished his final exams for his first year of medical school. He said they were tough, but he did really well! He scored a 97% on his first year final exam. He is determined to do well and not let his donors down.

He has been spending the summer in Russia, laying low due to COVID, while preparing for the upcoming school year. The past year has been a lot of firsts for Hezron. He is learning Russian, learning to cook, learning how to manage his own budget, celebrating Russian holidays, and so much more. He has been appreciative of every new experience and is so grateful for the opportunity to pursue his dream to become a doctor. His plan is to return to Kenya, once he has his medical degree, and bring his knowledge and learning back to his home country.

By supporting this passionate young man, you will continue to change the trajectory of his life, giving him the education of his dreams. We must raise the funds this week, by August 1, or his dream will come to an end.  Thank you so much for caring and joining us in this ongoing story of hope and perseverance! Please help Hezron meet his goal!

$ 8,381
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