Urgent Need: Bring Holiday Magic to the Gabriella Centre

This holiday season, GO Campaign is committed to bringing Holiday Magic to the 200 children with special needs at the Gabriella Centre, but we need your help!


Over the last two years, GO Campaign funded a brand new, state-of-the-art facility including classrooms, a dormitories, a kitchen, dining hall for the 200 students who call the Gabriella Centre their home. The Centre is changing the stigma around people with disabilities in Tanzania, and now we need your help to fill it with the tools needed for success! It is our goal to gift the center with the items on our wish list below, and we hope you will help us bring real change and real magic for these students not only for the holidays, but for years to come!

Give a Washing Machine!

Help keep the 200 students feeling clean and proud in their uniforms throughout the year.

3 Washing Machines – $1,000 each

3 Ironing Boards – $50 each

3 Irons – $50 each

Give a Refrigerator or Deep Freezer!

The kitchen at the Gabriella Centre that feeds the students and hosts a culinary training programs.

1 Large Refrigerator for the Kitchen – $500

1 Deep Freezer for the Kitchen – $500

2 Small Refrigerators for Student Medication – $225 each

40 Aprons to Keep their Clothing Clean and Tidy – $100

Stuff their Stockings with Educational and Art Supplies!

Supply a classroom with educational tools like number and alphabet cards, story books, puzzle books, Play-dough, paint, scissors, colored paper, crayons, building blocks, and musical instruments.

8 Classrooms Filled with Educational  Tools & Supplies – $400 per Classroom

8 Whiteboards – $50 each

Give the Gift of a Bed!

There are students eager to cozy up in one of the newly built dormitories, but they need our help to furnish it!

140 New Sets of Bedsheets – $200

100 Therapy Pads – $20 each

10 Therapy Balls – $25 each

Keep them Smiling and Active Outdoors!

Buy soccer balls and equipment for the playground! Soccer balls are beloved in Tanzania and will provide hours of exercise and fun and team building!

2 Hammocks – $100 each

10 Durable Soccer Balls – $30 each

Over the years, we have seen our Local Hero Brenda Shuma transform the lives of hundreds of children at the Gabriella Centre. While we celebrated the lives we have changed, we know there are so many more children who need Brenda’s help. Thank you for helping us give joy and opportunity to these children for both the holidays and the years to come! You make us GO!

of general public donations directly fund our programming to benefit local heroes.
This is possible because corporate donors, the sale of auction items, event sponsors and a private endowment entirely fund our general, administrative and fundraising costs.