Urgent Need – Khadijatul Kubra Girls’ School

A school in a remote area of Afghanistan, serving more than 350 students, needs your help to purchase shelter.

GO Campaign has just received an urgent request from Local Hero Nangyalai Attal. He is requesting $5940 to purchase tents for Khadijatul Kubra School. Khadijatul Kubra Girls’ School is located in the Daraiem District, Badakhshan Province in North East Afghanistan. The school is in a remote village that currently receives no government or NGO attention. There are 350 girls from 5-6 surrounding villages enrolled in the school which houses grades 1-9. The school has challenges typical to many schools in the area: absence of female teachers and lack of resources (books, chalk, blackboards, etc.). However, the lack of a physical structure is their main issue. Currently, classes are held out in the open. Despite relatively high enrollment at the beginning of the academic year, many of the girls are frequently absent. The hot summer and cold winter make it difficult for students to attend classes regularly. The school principal said, “parents are not eager to send their daughters to school because they frequently fall ill from the extreme weather conditions.”

Students use open space or the shade of trees for their classes. The school is located in a public area, and many people pass through there disturbing classes and also putting girls at a greater risk of sexual harassment and gender-based violence. As girls age, they are more likely to drop out of school if conditions at the school do not change.

The Afghan government has agreed to build classrooms when they find the funds. Unfortunately, prevalent corruption in Afghanistan, remoteness of the school, and high levels of poverty leave the community without many advocates to champion their cause. Even if the government includes the school construction costs in the 2019 budget, it will take at least two years to build. How many girls may be forced to drop out during this time?

Local Hero Nangyalai Attal is requesting funds to purchase tents for the school to use as temporary classrooms. The tents will offer protection from the elements and ensure that girls are safe from harassment during lessons.

Can you help provide shelter and hope to these deserving girls?


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