Help Provide Heat in Pine Ridge

The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation is an Oglala Lakota Native American reservation located in South Dakota. Known as the “poorest” county in the nation, 97% of households on the reservation live below the U.S. poverty line. The high school dropout rate is over 70% and teenage suicide rate is 150% higher than the U.S. national average. In spite of these startling statistics, there is a small organization that has been working to change all that. For the last 20 years, the Oglala Lakota Children’s Justice Center (OLCJC) has been dedicated to advocating for the children of Pine Ridge.

The (OLCJC) provides legal assistance, counseling, help with foster placements, and ensures every child has an opportunity to education. Two employees make up this small organization that trains volunteers and services 110 children on the reservation who have sadly experienced some form of abuse.

Grace Fohrman

OLCJC reached out to GO Campaign with an Urgent Need-  there is a heating crisis on the reservation. This winter temperatures hover around 19 degrees, the furnace no longer works and they are without heat. OLCJC needs $2,200 to fix the furnace and provide heat they so desperately.

When 13-year-old Grace Fohrman heard about this need, she committed to joining the ranks of Davida Williams and Leighton Meester in their support of Pine Ridge. Help Grace meet her goal of raising $2,200 in the next 3 days and bring warmth to Pine Ridge.

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