Urgent Need: Keep the Doors Open at this Health Clinic for Street Children

In Saint-Louis, Senegal, there is only one free health clinic treating street children, and it is about to close unless we can help. The expenses for medical supplies and medication are $390 a month or $4,680 a year. Without these supplies, staff will not be able to provide proper care to the 500 children a month seeking assistance.

Over the last four years, GO Campaign has partnered with Issa Kouyate and his team at Maison de la Gare to address the needs of young boys who are sent to Senegalese religious schools but who are regularly exploited by their teachers, forced to beg for 8 hours a day to pay their way, and beaten if they are unable to do so. Issa is committed to ending this harmful practice and ensuring the safety and security of these innocent children.

While Issa strives to change the system, his organization runs the only free clinic in Saint Louis, Senegal. Hundreds of boys each month visit the health clinic — this is their only access to medical care. The boys have ailments typical of children living in brutally unsanitary conditions and begging on the streets for their food. Typical issues are open wounds, acute respiratory infections, dental pain, conjunctivitis, headache, diarrhea, skin conditions, burns, malaria, common parasites, and many other issues.

They own the property, so there is no worry about paying rent or having staff on hand. But a clinic is useless without medicines and supplies, and so they are readying to shut down operations. $390 a month will treat 500 children. If we can get 12 people to donate $390, the next year will be covered and will give them time to find a more sustainable strategy. Please help us ensure that Maison de la Gare can continue to provide medical care to these children in need.

See Issa in action:

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