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No child should lose the opportunity of education.


Generous GO donors Denny and Linda Jacobus are matching every donation made, dollar for dollar, from now until Sunday at midnight. This means that for every student you sponsor, Denny and Linda will sponsor another student. And for every dollar you give, Denny and Linda will also give a dollar.

These children want to be in school more than anything. They are the most hardworking, determined and supportive students at the SOM Chess Academy, mentoring younger students and helping each other grow as problem solvers and young leaders. They come from families deeply rooted in poverty, but dream of becoming lawyers, doctors, accountants, and teachers.

Meet the Children…

FUNDED! – Micheal Talemwa (17) wants to be an Electrical Engineer
FUNDED! – Marvin Daniel Ssekamatte (17) wants to be an Architect
FUNDED! – Ashiraf Ssebagala (18) wants to be a Mechanical Engineer
FUNDED! – Bena Nankya (8) wants to be a Doctor
FUNDED! – Vivian Nankwanga (14) wants to be a Doctor
FUNDED! – Shamia Nankabirwa (10) wants to be a Doctor
FUNDED! – Joan Namubiru (9) wants to be a Doctor
FUNDED! – Lilian Erusa Nakiyaga (16) wants to be a Lawyer
FUNDED! – Sharua Nakakande (15) wants to be an Accountant
Caroline Nabirye (11) wants to be a Doctor
Sheila Nabatanzi (11) wants to be a Doctor
Shafik Muhebwa (13) wants to be an Accountant
Mbaziira Sharif Wasswa (18) wants to be a Chess Grandmaster
Fazirah Zaharah Kyalisiima (12) wants to be a Lawyer
Michelle Kobugabe (8) wants to be a Doctor
Patricia Kauma (12) wants to be a Doctor
Jovia Kasozi (14) wants to be a Journalist
Lilian Asaba (13) wants to be an Accountant
Hellen Ainebyona (8) wants to be a Doctor

These children are the future leaders of our planet. By investing in them, we are investing in the future. Remember, every single dollar contributed here will be doubled between now and Sunday at midnight. No matter what you can give, it will add up, and undoubtedly change the life of a child who deserves the opportunity to an education. We hope you will join us. This is why we GO.

Local Hero Robert Katende, an Obama Fellow and subject of the movie “Queen of Katwe”, runs the SOM Chess Academy in Uganda. 19 of his students living in slums can’t afford tuition fees, leaving them vulnerable to violence and exploitation on the streets.

Local Hero Grace Seneiya, founder of the Samburu Handicap Education Rehabilitation Program (SHERP) in Kenya, has 23 children with special needs who need crutches, wheelchairs, or epilepsy medication to return to school.

Let’s make sure these children attend school this year.

Tuition for 18 Students
$880 per child
Students from the SOM Chess Academy need tuition fees. Robert tells us that if these 19 don’t return to school, “the boys end upon the street left to figure out how to survive. The situation is much worse for the girls; without an opportunity for education, they’re victim to violence and exploitation.”

Wheelchairs for 2 Students
$584 per child
At SHERP, Grace has 2 students with motor impairment whose wheelchairs are completely worn out. Without wheelchairs, they cannot attend or move around in school.

Epilepsy Medication for 11 Students
$130 per child
Students with epilepsy cannot attend school without this medication. With your help, these 11 students at SHERP can attend school uninterrupted all year.

Crutches for 10 Students
$107 per child
Without the support of crutches, these 10 students cannot make the difficult commute from home to SHERP.

Give What You Can
Every dollar makes a difference!
Make a vital impact on these vulnerable children’s lives by helping them receive the education they deserve, in whatever capacity you can.

About Our Partners

SOM Chess Academy

Local Hero Robert Katende

SOM believes in transforming the lives of children through chess, one move at a time.

Robert was born and raised in the slums of Kampala, Uganda. Against all odds, he made it to Kyambogo University where he pursued a degree in civil engineering. He introduced and developed chess programs in the slums of Kampala. The impact of the chess program has drawn international attention with Disney film, Queen of Katwe, which depicts the life of Phiona Mutesi and her rise from the slums to become an international chess champion. SOM Chess Academy has proven chess to be an equalizer – allowing youth to show off their abilities despite their backgrounds.


Local Hero Grace Seneiya

Founded in 2001 by Grace Seneiya, who won the President of Kenya’s Youngest Achiever’s Award and the Human Rights Award from the Law Society of Kenya, the Samburu Handicap Education and Rehabilitation Programme (SHERP) is a loving home for children living with disabilities.

They are passionate in their efforts to save children who are neglected, abused, and even killed due to the traditional Samburu belief that disability is a curse that has befallen a family or a community. Their goals are to provide the children with basic needs such as healthcare and education and to work with the children’s families in hopes of the children returning home to be cared for by their families and becoming integrated within the community.

of general public donations directly fund our programming to benefit local heroes.
This is possible because corporate donors, the sale of auction items, event sponsors and a private endowment entirely fund our general, administrative and fundraising costs.