Robert Pattinson #weGOforRob Birthday Campaign

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A massive thank you to Robert’s fans – more than $8,000 was raised to help give girls at KGSA the tools they need to succeed! Robert wrote:

“Always grateful for everyone who is donating to GO Campaign in honor of my upcoming birthday. I understand the money’s going to furnish a computer lab and library for girls in Kenya, and that this year’s donations are being matched, so the impact is doubled! The best birthday gift you can get. Thank you all so much.”

It is because of you that change is happening, and we look forward to showing you just how far your dollars go. Stay tuned.

For the fourth year in a row, Robert’s fans have decided to join GO Campaign in honoring Robert by giving back for his birthday on May 13th! And this year, your donations will be matched, dollar for dollar! From April 13th to May 13th, we will be raising money to help educate at-risk girls in Kenya’s largest urban settlement/slum. During this time, GO Campaign will be sharing how #weGOforRob contributions like yours are making a difference. Because when you #GOgive you not only honor Robert but you stand in support of orphans and vulnerable children around the world.

We want to hear from you too! We ask fans to share with us why you give, what’s you reason? Why do you think it is important to #GOgive?

HERE COMES THE CHALLENGE – can we band together to raise $5,000 to help support educating at-risk girls in Kenya in celebration of Robert’s 32nd birthday? WE CAN AND WE WILL!

And here’s the best part:  A GO Campaign donor has generously offered to match what we raise until the girl’s educational needs are met. So if we raise $5,000, the girls school gets $10,000!

Let’s get those hashtags going

#weGOforRob #GOgive #RobertPattinson #GOCampaign

Robert Pattinson and GO Campaign Connection

Robert Pattinson has been an incredibly valued supporter of GO campaign for years. His passion for improving the lives of children around the world has allowed him to become an inspiring advocate for GO Campaign’s mission. In 2015 we had the honor and privilege of naming Robert as our first Ambassador! Truly, we couldn’t feel more grateful to have his continued support through the years.

In our 12 years, Robert’s fans have helped raise over $217,000 for GO Campaign! This is a powerful testament of what can be achieved when we put our hearts together.

Funds raised will support Kibera Girls Soccer Academy (KGSA)

KGSA is located in Kibera, the largest urban settlement/slum in Kenya. Kibera is characterized by high unemployment, poverty, overcrowding, and insecurity, while being underserved by health, education, and sanitation services. The mission of the KGSA is to provide quality, free secondary school education to girls in Kibera, preparing them for higher education, employment, or entrepreneurship after high school. The funds you raise will help furnish the computer lab and library for the dormitory, so the girls have all the tools necessary to support their academic pursuits.

Are you ready to provide deserving girls with the tools they need to escape a life of poverty and abuse?

Prefer to donate using Paypal instead of the GO Website? It’s easy! Just follow these steps:

  1. Log on to your personal account
  2. Click on “Pay or Send Money” on the right hand side
  3. Go to “Send Money to Family and Friends”
  4. Type in our GO Campaign donations email,
  5. Write a note to let us know that your donation should be allocated to Robert Pattinson’s 32thBirthday Campaign
  6. Click “Next” and on the final page click “Send Money”
  7. Once we receive your donation, we will update the thermometer with Paypal donations at the end of every day. Please note that all donations made through the GO website will automatically update the thermometer.
  8. We will send you a TY letter!

of general public donations directly fund our programming to benefit local heroes.
This is possible because corporate donors, the sale of auction items, event sponsors and a private endowment entirely fund our general, administrative and fundraising costs.