Congratulations to the winners of the Tony Horton Contest!

In the month of May, fitness fans raised over $33,000 for GO Campaign in the ’11 Ways to Win Tony’ contest!

Congratulations to Grand Prize winner Michael Lyons who won a trip to Los Angeles to work out privately with Tony Horton.

11 other lucky winners also get the chance to work out with Tony and P90X, X2 and X3 cast members, and our Grand Prize winner Michael, at Beachbody headquarters later this summer. Those winners are being contacted now and will be announced soon.

In addition, the following lucky donors won personally autographed copies of Tony’s new book, The  Big Picture: 11 Laws that Will Change Your Life: Jeff Fairchild, Margaret Dorval, Sean McCloskey, Tom Reynolds, Julia Hensel, Jeff Thomas, Michelle Tatom, Phillip Ernst, Brett Kanwetz, Teri-Sestron Walker, David McIver, and John Lynn.

And personally signed copies of the X3 DVD series are going out to the following winners: Robert Krekel, Parker Smith, Lauren Fitz-Gerald, Todd Gallicano, Scott Hefkey, William Kelly, Beth Burwell, Marshall Stuart PIke, and Billy Wey.

Congratulations to all the winners!  And congratulations to the kids all over the world who will benefit from the generosity of Tony’s fans.