COVID-19 Emergency Grants

Since March, we have been in constant contact with our Local Heroes around the world, responding to their immediate needs in the face of Covid-19. Thanks to the generous and quick responses from our donors, have provided over $192,000 in emergency grants, and we will continue to adjust to our partners needs as they arise.

Read more about our Covid-19 grants below, and click here to give to the GO Campaign Covid-19 Emergency Relief Fund today.

A grant to SOM Chess Academy provided 6 months of operating support to assist SOM so they can sustain their organization and staff can continue work to work to address the needs of children in their community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to COVID-19, Robert has struggled to keep SOM Chess Academy alive. The government decided to lock down the country without giving any prior notice. SOM Chess Academy immediately shifted and started to do the best they could to use their funds to feed the children and their families. Their biggest challenge now is to maintain their employees since they have not been able to pay them for the last couple of months. They depleted their resources to provide food support to people during the lockdown. They are currently unable to give the employees their full monthly allowances. Despite this, staff continued to work hard throughout the crisis to ensure that SOM can support the most vulnerable families in all the slum communities.

  • A grant to Kawangware Vision Center (KVC) in Kenya will provide a one-month supply of food and water, soap, and masks to 40 families to sustain them during this crisis. Before Covid-19, these families survived through earning from KVS’s successful business producing hand-made bags. Due to Covid, they have been forced to stop production. This grant will allow families to survive until it is safe to begin operations again.
  • A grant to SAKALA in Haiti is helping them continue providing meals and fresh water to the children and families relying on them to survive during this time, due to Covid-19, violence in the region and the massive hit the Haitian economy took. SAKALA is serving at least one hot meal per day, 7 days a week to about 160 children and 25 adults daily, as well as housing 40 children and 20 adults. These funds will provide meals and fresh water for two months.
  • An second grant to Los Patojos is continuing the support of children and families of day laborers who have lost their income due to lockdown in Guatemala. 160 more families will now have food packages (“Worthy Packages”) which contain enough food to last for 2 weeks.
  • A grant to SAFECO in the Democratic Republic of Congo will provide 3 months of food to 75 children who are currently suffering from malnutrition in displacement camps, after they were forced to flee their homes due to an attack by marauders. These camps are currently facing health threats from both Ebola and Covid-19 outbreaks, and proper nutrition will increase the children’s chances if faced with an infection.
  • A grant to Linda Children’s Foundation in Tanzania will provide 500 masks and sanitizer to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Kifaru Village, and it will also provide 200 families with food for 2.5 months. The village has been affected by not only Covid-19, but severe flooding as well, which has destroyed these family’s crops and source of income.

  • A grant to Time for Change in South Africa is continuing to keep the pantry of an orphanage stocked during the duration of the lockdown in South Africa, ensuring children will continue to receive three healthy meals per day for 2 more weeks.
  • A grant to Watts Community Core in Watts, CA will ensure WCC’s grocery delivery program that serves 190 children and their families will continue through the month of June, providing families in Nickerson Gardens with chicken, potatoes, vegetables, milk, rice, eggs, pinto beans, and other essential grocery items.
  • A grant to CleanSlate Inc. in South Los Angeles will enable four licensed counselors utilize tele-therapy and Zoom  to conduct individual wellness checks and weekly group sessions for four months. These therapy sessions are part of Clean Slate’s vital mission of teaching youth to utilize non-violent methods to express their emotions.
  • A grant to Dharavi Diary in India is providing 300 of the most vulnerable families in the Dharavi slums with one month of groceries.
  • A grant to Future Ties in Chicago, IL is providing teens on the city’s Southside with tablets and access to Google Classrooms, so they can take part in Future Ties’ mentorship and workforce development summer program (also made possible by a GO earlier this year!). Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the program will need to be fully virtual for the first time, and until now, many of the program participants didn’t have access to an electronic device nor internet in their homes.
  • A grant to Girl Forward is helping provide Chromebooks and other digital tools to refugee girls in Austin, TX and Chicago, IL who are preparing for their very first virtual summer camp, where they will be focusing on English language learning, reading, and spending time with their community of fellow refugee youth.
  • A grant to Community Transformers in Kenya will ensure that the 63 children at the orphanage will continue to have food, clean water, and cleaning supplies for two months, as the country has increased restrictions and halted all movement by rail, road, and air in and out of the Nairobi, in an effort to battle the coronavirus.
  • A grant to Help U Educational and Charitable Trust and Red Brigade Lucknow in Lucknow, India funded 1,500 family grocery packages to help feed families for 2 more weeks. Each family grocery package contains flour, rice, beans, cooking oil, salt, spices, soap, and washing detergent.
  • A grant to Watts Community Core (WCC) will continue to support their food program for for residents of Nickerson Gardens for another month, providing 190 children and their families with necessary groceries. In addition, 100 families in desperate needs of basic household items will receive a 2 week supply of wipes, detergent, soap, etc.
  • Thanks to a generous donation from Bella + Canvas, 46,000 face masks have been distributed to our partners around the world.
  • A grant to Bubble & Squeak in the United Kingdom will enable them to make weekly food deliveries to 125 vulnerable families and ensure the safety of the children they serve.
  • A grant to Burgess Sports to support youth in Southwark, United Kingdom with a food distribution program that currently provides 200 families in the community with food and supplies weekly. The program will also support the continuation of online leadership activities to engage youth and ensure they stay active despite being confined to their homes.
  • A grant to Los Patojos to support children and families of day laborers who have lost their income due to lockdown in Guatemala. 75 families will now have food packages (aka “Worthy Packages”) which contain enough food to last for 2 weeks.
  • A grant to First Eye Limited in Tanzania to provide face masks and sanitizer to 500 children and food for 100 children. In addition, they will conduct programs over the radio to educate children and the community members that have to continue their daily activities to survive.
  • A grant to Maison de la Gare in Senegal to enable Local Hero Issa Kouyaté to continue to feed thousands of street children while they are being held for two weeks in quarantine and cannot beg for food.
  • A grant to Minority Humanitarian Foundation to support children and families of migrant workers in San Diego who that are out of work and ineligible for unemployment assistance or federal relief due to their immigration status. Families will receive a cash grant ranging from $250-$500 to help pay for basic needs such as rent, food, clothing, medicine, etc.
  • A grant to Kings Against Violence Initiative (KAVI) in New York City to provide 160 youth with groceries, disinfectant supplies and protective equipment, urgent transportation to a safe place for youth who are experiencing a traumatic home environment, and wellness visits with a licensed counselor to students most in need
  • A grant to Future Ties on the Southside of Chicago to provide masks and gloves to staff and volunteers as they serve three meals a day to hundreds of families and care packages with masks, hand sanitizer, disinfectant supplies, and educational supplies and games for home-learning
  • A grant to Transforming Communities for Social Change in Kenya to provide 600 masks to children and their families (being caught without a mask in Kenya is now punishable by fine or 6 months jail time)
  • A grant to Kibera Girls Soccer Academy (KGSA) in Kenya to support 155 girls at with a 4-week supply of hand sanitizer and disposable face masks (due to limited access to water, they cannot clean reusable cloth masks)
  • A grant to Maison de la Gare to feed thousands of homeless street children in Senegal who are suffering, as the restaurants and bakeries who use to offer the children food have closed
  • A grant to a remote leper colony in Tanzania (where there is no running water) with hand soap, wipes, masks, disinfectant and medicine, so families are now ready and can stay safe and healthy should coronavirus spread to their community
  • A grant to provide 120 families in the Dharavi Slums of India with 2 weeks’ worth of groceries to get them through the end of the current lockdown, as day laborers are no longer earning the income that they need to survive day to day
  • A grant to Freedom 4 Youth in Santa Barbara, CA pay rent and utilities for one year, so that the F4Y Resource Center can now continue to offer services, resources and love to the youth who need it during this time
  • A grant to Red Brigade Lucknow funded 5,400 cooked meals and family food packets for 980 families.
  • A grant to Time for Change to keep the pantry of their orphanage stocked during the duration of the lockdown, ensuring children will continue to receive three healthy meals per day
  • A matching grant to give $100 to 100 girls from Studio Samuel’s micro-loan program to purchase food, medicine, rent and supplies for their families after losing income due to lockdowns in Ethiopia.
  • A grant to Loving Hands to provide and deliver care packages containing household items, first aid supplies, and school supplies to children and their families in South Central, Los Angeles
  • A grant to CleanSlate to enable them to remain in operation, providing mental health services to former gang members and children impacted by trauma and violence in South Los Angeles, as their income generating tattoo removal clinic is currently closed.