COVID-19 Emergency Relief

In the midst of school shutdowns, homestay orders, government lockdowns and this global pandemic, our army of grassroots Local Heroes continue to work tirelessly. We are checking in with our partners day and night, listening and adjusting to their vital and ever-evolving needs.

So far, we have provided over $179,000 in Emergency Grants to our partners on the frontlines of the pandemic, helping them give children and their families access to food, health care and educational resources.

Our work is just beginning. We will remain by their sides, addressing their most pressing needs, just like we always have. Right now:

    • $5 can provide food and hygiene supplies for a street child for over 2 weeks
    • $10 can provide face mask for ten health care clinic workers
    • $25 can provide more than 2 liters of powdered milk to a family
    • $50 can provide food and hygiene supplies for 25 street children for one week
    • $150 provides 10 liters of water for hand washing as well as soaps, sanitizers, hand towel and tissues, masks and nutritious food to a family
    • $300 can provide 1,000 cooked meals
    • $1,500 provides 50 children with home school supplies

While we know that many of you are struggling yourselves financially and we wish you continued strength and good health, we also know that many of you would like to help others in crisis, and GO is uniquely positioned to give you that opportunity here at home and across the globe.

New needs will likely arise every day, and as we always have, we’ll adjust to our partners’ needs and show how a  small amount can make a BIG difference for vulnerable children all over the world. We are so grateful to the generous GO Campaign community for continuing to support our Local Heroes on the frontlines. We couldn’t do it without your kindness and generosity. Wishing everyone safety and health in the weeks and months to come.