Thank you for supporting our mission to improve the lives of vulnerable children around the world. If you would like to donate directly to our Covid-19 Emergency Fund, please click here COVID-19.

You make us GO!


Donations by check can be mailed to:

2309 Santa Monica Blvd, #437
Santa Monica, California 90404

For credit or debit card donations, please fill out the form below:

Donate using Paypal:

  1. Log on to your personal account
  2. Click on “Pay or Send Money” on the right hand side
  3. Go to “Send Money to Family and Friends”
  4. Type in our GO Campaign donations email,
  5. Write a note to let us know that your donation should be allocated
  6. Click “Next” and on the final page click “Send Money”
  7. We will send you a TY letter!