First Friday Project Update: Denis Mukwege School Complex

The ‘First Friday Update’ of November highlights how GO Campaign is supporting the efforts of Nobel Peace Prize Winner Denis Mukwege to address the needs of sexual violence victims in the Congo.

In October 2016, GO Campaign partnered with Denis Mukwege School Complex to expand the capacity of the computer lab at Panzi Hospital’s after-care and training facility. The school serves children of survivors of sexual violence at Panzi Hospital, youth at the school complex, as well as vulnerable children in the surrounding community. The computer lab is one of the most crucial aspects of Panzi Hospital’s ongoing education program both for children and survivors. The project was successfully completed in February 2018, and we are happy to share that 635 students have already benefitted and accessed the lab. In addition, the computer lab hosts adult literacy classes to help women become computer literate and develop their English language skills. The school’s founder was announced as the Nobel Peace Prize winner last month. Since qualifying as a gynecologist—one of the very few in the Democratic Republic of Congo—he has operated on some 20,000 survivors of sexual violence and devoted his life to publicizing their plight.

Meet Esta

ESTA is eight years old. Esta’s mother was shunned by the community, unemployed, and living with her relatives. Esta’s mother was raped when she was 14 years old. Esta is in the 3rd grade and lives with her mother who is now 22.  Esta’s mother has made tremendous progress in computer science because of the computer lab and this coming school year will begin work at the school.

GO Campaign is proud to partner with the Denis Mukwege School Complex to empower survivors and their children and ensure they have more opportunities for a brighter future.

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