Girls Education in Afghanistan

For the last ‘First Friday Update’ of 2018, I wanted to highlight one of our recent successes in increasing access to girls’ education.

In August, GO Campaign raised the funds necessary to assist GO Local Hero Nangyalai Attal with an urgent appeal requesting support to provide the 350 students of Khadijatual Kubra Girls’ School in Daraiem District, Afghanistan with a physical structure for their school; the school is located in a remote village in Taliban-controlled area that does not receive any government or nonprofit assistance.

Thanks to GO Campaign, the girls at Khadijatual Kubra Girls’ School have a school! Now each grade from 1-9 has a tent to serve as a classroom. In addition to the tents, grant funds also purchased carpet humidity insulation, carpet, and a tarpaulin for each tent to protect the inside of the tent from dirt and moisture.

It took workers ten days to level the rocky soil and prepare the area for the installation of the tents. The local community was so excited for their girls to finally have a school, they helped level the ground and install the tents. The Mayor and Director of the Education Department, and the local elders from all six surrounding villages were present at the opening ceremony for the new school. Even more surprisingly, the Taliban who are active in Yamchian Village, an area located in the mountains east of the school, agreed to a ceasefire during the opening ceremony so the event would not be disrupted!

Check out these before and after photos.

Before the project:


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