First Friday Update: Capacity Building

Today, I am going to take a break from updating you on our projects to share some exciting news regarding our capacity building initiative.

Capacity building and knowledge sharing activities with our grantees are services GO Campaign has been exploring for a couple of years. Our partners are amazing and inspiring individuals who have dedicated their lives to making a difference, and we seek to support their efforts and abilities to most effectively and efficiently generate change. Through skill-building and sharing best practices, our Local Heroes can reach the next level of impact; we can help them sustain their programs so that they can continue their important and incredible work.

For the last two years, GO Campaign has hosted quarterly workshops for our partners in Los Angeles on various topics such as marketing, fundraising, tracking impact, etc. Last month, for the first time, Local Heroes in Moshi, Tanzania and Nairobi, Kenya met in their respective cities for workshops focused on sharing lessons learned from GO’s decade of grantmaking.

GO Campaign’s Capacity Building Workshops were an opportunity for grantees to meet and learn from each other and GO Campaign staff. Over the course of two days, participants learned about beliefs & values, operational planning, tracking impact, fostering learning in their organization, and much more. Each participating organization committed to implementing one topic covered during the workshop in their organization over the next three months and drew up an action plan detailing the steps to implement their vision. Participating organizations will be implementing action plans including training for their staff on defining the organization’s beliefs and values, structured planning and communications processes for departments within the organization, and working with their board to define the end goal for their organizations.

Participants were overwhelmingly positive about the benefits of the training; 97% of participants learned information which will help further the mission of their organization.

“Extreme gratitude for allowing us to be a part of this workshop.” – Nairobi participant

“I learned that values and beliefs are not just words on paper. These are things that you live and practice every day.” – Tanzania participant

In addition to the topics covered during the 2-day workshop, many of our participants shared some unexpected positive outcomes:

  • Many of our partners met for the very first time, despite working in the same community. Within a week of the workshop, one partner from Tanzania had met with and toured the facilities of an organization, received book donations from another organization, and already has plans to collaborate with a third.
  • Most participants at the workshop in Kenya had never stepped foot in Kibera, the largest slum in Africa. Our workshop in Nairobi was hosted by our partner Kibera Girls Soccer Academy and the workshop ended with a tour of the community. Our partner’s goal for the tour was to dispel negative stereotypes of Kibera and we believe, at least for our group of attendees, his goal was accomplished!

GO Campaign plans to follow up with participants through regular communication. We hope this will help provide additional support as they implement their action plans. We are thrilled with the overall positive feedback from the workshop and look forward to seeing the outcomes in action.

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