Friday Project Update: Conscious Youth Global Network

Today I am going to share an example of how GO Campaign is transforming the lives of youth right here in Los Angeles.

Organization: Conscious Youth Global Network (CYGN)

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Context: With an increasing school dropout rate, teenage pregnancies, alcohol and drug abuse, and alarming crime levels, navigating the road from adolescence to adulthood is challenging. This road is particularly challenging for adolescent boys growing up in families with no adult male role models.

Background: GO Local Hero Bikbaye Inejnema is committed to helping vulnerable elementary school youth gain a better sense of self, acquire a positive resolve to excel in school and life, gain tools to handle peer pressure, and get connected to committed adults concerned about their well-being. Through his rites of passage program, he aims to help youth become more active in their school and community, pursue high school and college education, develop better relationships with their family, and become a role model for their peers.

Current Status: In June 2016, GO Campaign approved a grant for $25,000 to CYGN to implement a rites of passage program for boys at Hillcrest Elementary. Because of GO Campaign’s investment, CGYN was able to leverage this funding and get a matching grant from LAUSD to support a parallel program for girls at the school. The program runs after- school on Tuesdays and Thursday. It is half-way through the academic year and the instructors can already see a noticeable difference in the program participants. They have increased confidence, they are more diligent in their school work, and they have reduced the incidents of bullying at the school.

See your Impact
During each rites of passage session, the boys recite a warrior chant. This is an opportunity to remember the values the program is installing in them as well as a call to action to live these values daily. Check out the boys performing their Warrior Chant.