Friday Project Update: Dharavi Diary

Today I am going to share information on an innovative program that is transforming the lives of adolescent girls.

Organization: Dharavi Diary
Location: Mumbai, India

Context: If you watched the movie Slumdog Millionaire, then you are familiar with Dharavi. It is the 2nd largest slum in Asia and the most densely populated area on the planet with over 1 million people residing over 535 acres. Though most residents earn an average of $1 a day, the community itself is extremely productive. In this slum, you’ll find a variety of well documented, ingenious recycling programs as well as a thriving textile and tanning industry. It’s estimated that these neighborhoods of Dharavi contribute between $500 million to $1 billion to Mumbai’s economy.

Background: GO Local Hero Nawneet Ranjan is a filmmaker and the founder of Dharavi Diary, a slum innovation project that uses stories and technology to empower girls to become change-makers. Girls ages eight to sixteen are creating mobile apps to tackle everyday problems like sexual harassment, access to water, and education.

Current Status: In June 2016, GO Campaign approved a grant to Dharavi Diary to support their girl’s coding program. Nawneet created the following video to document the impact of the project.