Friday Project Update: Earthquake Relief

Today I am going to share information regarding how GO Campaign works with partners to address needs in crisis situations.

Organizations: General Welfare Pratisthan (GWP)
Location: Nepal

Context: In 2015, a devastating earthquake in Nepal killed nearly 9,000 people. GO Campaign worked in coordination with our Nepali partner, GWP, to rebuild schools that were damaged during the earthquake. We’re happy to report that all funds were used for their intended purposes, and relief and recovery was achieved when needed most.

Background: After the earthquake, GO Campaign reached out to GO Local Hero Mahesh Bhattarai to ensure the safety of the GWP team as well as determine the needs on the ground. GO Campaign learned GWP was prioritizing rebuilding schools damaged by the earthquake. The number of schools affected and the extent of the damage was so severe that GWP knew it was not possible for a single organization to rebuild all the schools. GWP worked in collaboration with school administrators, local government agencies, and community members to accomplish this task.

Current Status: In June 2015, GO Campaign put out the word to our generous donor community, funds were raised, and GO approved a grant to assist GWP with their earthquake relief efforts. During the consultations with local stakeholders, GWP took responsibility to rebuild the safe drinking water systems, restore external fences, repair damaged roofs, and replace damaged equipment (furniture, computers, educational materials) at 18 schools. In addition, GWP assisted 20 members of their girls’ empowerment groups, who were homeless due to the earthquake, to rebuild their homes. This project directly benefited 4,000 children and indirectly benefited an additional 3,000 individuals (parents and siblings of students at supported schools).