Friday Project Update: Ernest Rehabilitation Center Tanzania

In 2010, GO Campaign provided support to GO Local Hero Ernest Shangali, Founder of Ernest Rehabilitation Center Tanzania (ERCT). Thanks to GO Campaign’s support, Ernest was better able to address the needs of children of those suffering from addiction.

At GO Campaign, we proudly support dozens of grassroots organizations around the world like ERCT, but we seek to do so as a responsible grantmaker, one that empowers our partners while not creating dependency on our aid.

In March 2016, GO Campaign approved a grant to establish a welding vocational training program at ERCT. This seed funding provided resources to purchase the welding equipment needed to start a vocational training course. We are proud to share that the training program is underway! Ernest is teaching youth how to weld, and these youth now have the skills required to find employment.

Meet Rose
Rose is 17 years old. Her father is addicted to drugs, and her mother abandoned the family years ago. Rose and her siblings were left in the care of their grandparents. Rose’s grandmother passed away when she was young, and her grandfather is sick and requires assistance himself. Rose left school at a young age to care for her younger siblings and grandfather. Rose was excited to participate in the welding program; she learned a new skill, and more importantly, it gave her hope for the future. She is now able to earn an income to support her family.

GO Campaign is proud to increase ERCT’s ability to meet the needs of children like Rose in Moshi, Tanzania. Instead of merely giving aid, GO Campaign is helping build the infrastructure of organizations so they can better address the needs of vulnerable children.