Friday Project Update: Gatanga

In 2011, GO Campaign started providing support to GO Local Hero Keziah Mwaura, Founder of Gatanga Orphanage. Thanks to GO Campaign’s support, the 21 children living at the orphanage are thriving.

At GO Campaign, we proudly support dozens of grassroots organizations around the world like Gatanga Orphanage, but we seek to do so as a responsible grantmaker, one that empowers our partners while not creating dependency on our aid.

In September 2015, GO Campaign approved a grant to establish an income-generating pig farm at the orphanage. This seed funding provided the resources needed to start the business and sustain its first year. I am proud to share that the business is a success!

Keziah was able to earn $6,500 by selling the grown pigs and manure. She has another $2,700 in assets (remaining pigs, boar, and pig shed). Funds will be reinvested to continue the project. This project has provided Gatanga with greater financial security. When resources are low, Keziah is now in a position of financial strength. She can sell the pigs and manure to generate the funds needed to address crisis situations at the orphanage. This independent revenue source strengthens Keziah’s ability to care for the children at Gatanga for years to come.

GO Campaign is proud to increase Gatanga’s ability to become self-sustainable. Instead of merely giving aid, GO Campaign is helping transform the organizations we work with so they can better care for the needs of vulnerable children.