Friday Project Update: Girls at School

Today, I am excited to share a GO Campaign success. We have increased educational access for girls in rural Afghanistan!

Organization: Hode Educational and Social Services Organization (HESSO)
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan

Context: Afghanistan has always been a patriarchal society. Some Afghan women still need a male relative’s permission to pursue an education, to work, or to travel. It is often male relatives who choose when and to whom a girl marries. A father or a brother can decree that a girl is no longer permitted to attend school. A husband can require his wife to stay at home.

Background: GO’s Local Hero, Fulbright Scholar and UN Youth Courage Awardee Nangyalai Attal has devoted his life to girls’ education. Last year, the George W. Bush Institute released its book, We Are Afghan Women: Voices of Hope. The book highlights stories of extraordinarily resilient women and their struggles, successes, and resolve in present-day Afghanistan. Attal is the sole male voice in We Are Afghan Women. He shares his own brave efforts to work on behalf of Afghan girls and young women. We are honored to partner with Attal on his mission to ensure a brighter future for girls in Afghanistan.

Current Status: In June 2016, GO Campaign approved a grant for $10,650 to HESSO to support its efforts to keep the Sheikh Yasin School, an all-girls school in rural Afghanistan, from closing. GO’s funds provided the operating support needed to keep the school doors open for the year until arrangements could be made to have the government fund the school. We are happy to report the school is now officially transferred, and the government has agreed to pay the operating costs of the school moving forward. Due to GO Campaign’s intervention, these girls completed their academic year, and the school administration received the time necessary to work with the government to hand over control of the school. Attal and the community would “like to sincerely thank GO Campaign and its supporters for helping this transition happen.”