Friday Project Update: Hogar Luz de Maria

Today I am going to share an example of how GO Campaign works to increase the self-sustainability of orphanages so they can fulfill their mission of providing quality care to vulnerable children.

Organization: Hogar Luz de Maria
Location: San Lucas Sacatepéquez, Guatemala

Context: Today Guatemala’s orphanages are bursting with residents from newborns to teens. Some homes are nurturing and warm while others are horrific. Thousands more unwanted children are lost to the streets each year where they fall prey to gangs and various forms of exploitation.

Background: GO Local Hero Dinora Palacios is working hard to give the 59 children under her care a loving home. Being a single mother herself, Dinora experienced first-hand the hard choices mothers sometimes have to make regarding work or caring for their children. She opened Hogar Luz de Maria in 2004 to address the needs of the many children in Guatemala who need more than what their birth parents can provide them. To date, she has provided a loving home to more than 800 children.

Current Status: In December 2015, GO Campaign approved a grant for $9,552 to Hogar Luz de Maria to install solar panels at the orphanage. Since the installation of the panels, the orphanage has reduced their electricity bill by 85%! This has enabled them to better provide for the needs of the children in their care.

Meet Lucia
Lucia is 4 months old. She was a preemie and spent the first 3 months of her life in the ICU because her lungs were not fully developed. Lucia’s mother gave her up at birth so she came to Hogar Luz de Maria after being released from the hospital. Lucia still has many health problems to overcome. The orphanage is able to provide quality medical care for Lucia due to the funds saved from the installation of the solar panels. We are happy to hear that Lucia is growing stronger every day and is on target to be at her ideal weight by her first birthday!