Friday Project Update: Life and Hope Association Sewing School

In November 2016, GO Campaign launched its GO Girls! Initiative. We committed ourselves to ensuring that girls around the world have a bright future. A future in which their rights and safety are ensured and where they have the freedom to realize their dreams.

At GO Campaign, we proudly support dozens of grassroots organizations around the world that are doing just that. One group that stands out to me is Life and Hope Association (LHA) in Cambodia.
LHA supports some of the most vulnerable children in Siem Reap. The organization serves both boys and girls, but it places special emphasis on equipping girls with the education, skills, and support needed to thrive. Without LHA, many of these girls would remain uneducated with limited ability for employment.

In December 2015, GO Campaign approved a grant to construct a dormitory for the students in LHA’s sewing school vocational training program. The building is now complete and houses 30 girls annually. LHA will now reinvest the $5,000 annually allocated for rent back into the program. Funds will be used to purchase materials, equipment, and supplies.
LHA makes sure that all of the girls succeed. In addition to technical skills, teens also receive instruction in business management, sales, marketing, and inventory management. They continue to be taught English and are given medical insurance for free.

What sets LHA apart from other nonprofits is its expansion into social entrepreneurship. In 2013, LHA started the Life and Hope Sewing Centre, a business which provides employment opportunities for graduates of the sewing vocational program. At the Sewing Centre, sewing school alumni manufacture clothing, bags, accessories, uniforms, home decor, and table linen for companies. Instead of merely giving aid, LHA is helping girls transform their lives and that of their families for generations to come.