Friday Project Update: Linda Children’s Foundation

Today I am going to share an example of how GO Campaign is working to address malnutrition around the world.

Organization: Linda Children’s Foundation
Location: Moshi, Tanzania

Context: It is estimated that there are over 3.1 million children living without parents in Tanzania. For many of these children, an orphanage is the only place they have access to find food, shelter, and medical attention. Linda Children’s Foundation Orphanage houses 39 children. Food and nutrition security remains a significant challenge for the orphanage as the strive to care for the orphans in their care.

Background: GO Local Hero Hamisi Omari Nzuki has dedicated his life to addressing the needs of the most vulnerable children in the Kifaru community of Moshi. He founded Linda Children’s Foundation in 2014. He started with just 11 children and has now more than tripled their capacity. The Foundation’s orphanage gives children a safe home, sends them to schools, provides them with nutritious meals, equips them with vocational skills, and provides them with medical care. Ultimately, Linda Children’s Foundation seeks to ensure that all the children receive the same opportunities so they can be healthy, successful adults.

Current Status: In June 2016, GO Campaign approved a grant for $5,000 to the orphanage so they can establish a poultry farm. The project has been a success. Now the children have a consistent source of protein to add to their diet. In addition, the selling of eggs generated enough money to continue the project as well as have additional funds to support the care of the children! Now Hamisi is in a better position to provide for the needs of all the children.

Meet Musa
Musa was born in small village in Tanzania. Just seven days after his birth, his mother passed away. His father then ran away and left Musa with his sick, elderly grandmother. His grandmother had little to no means of consistent income and was unable to care for him. When the Linda Children’s Foundation team came to visit, she admitted to not being able to afford three meals a day for her growing grandchild. Musa was physically ill and suffered from the extreme symptoms of malnutrition. Now, thanks to Linda Children’s Foundation, his life has changed.