Friday Project Update: Recycled Orchestra

Today, I am going to tell you about a Local Hero who is using music to bring hope to people around the world.

Organization: Recycled Orchestra
Location: Cateura, Paraguay

Context: Cateura is a slum alongside a landfill, located not far from Paraguay’s capital city, Asunción. Every day, about 3 million pounds of solid waste get dumped there and many families eke out their existence by scavenging trash from the landfill to resell. Children regularly get pulled out of school to help.

Background: GO’s Local Hero, Favio Chavez, works hard to change this reality for the children of Cateura. A decade ago, Favio worked as an ecological engineer in Cateura. In his free time, he started teaching music to children in the community. The classes became so popular but they soon ran out of instruments. Not wanting to turn any child away, he got creative and started to make instruments from items from the landfill. From these humble beginnings, Favio and the orchestra have come a long way. The Recycled Orchestra has traveled the world and performed for politicians, monarchs, and even Pope Francis.

Current Status: In November 2015, the GO Campaign Gala raised $50,000 to support the construction of a music school. Thus far they have acquired the adjoining property to the school to establish another entry point and make repairs to the existing school building. This was essential because during the floods last year, the main entrance of the school was completely blocked and some of the buildings were damaged. Now the school can be open year round with no interruptions, and the children can continue to develop their skills. We look forward to updating you on the continued progress of the orchestra.

See your Impact
If you need a little inspiration, check out this video of the Recycled Orchestra during a recent concert.