Friday Project Update: Therapy Ride

Today I am going to share information about Brenda Shuma, a woman who is leading the campaign to ensure children with disabilities reach their full potential.

Organization: Gabriella Children’s Rehabilitation Centre
Location: Moshi, Tanzania

Context: Children and youth with disabilities are often considered a curse in Tanzania; they are often segregated from the rest of society, denied their right to education, and deprived of a chance of being a contributing member of society.

Background: GO’s Local Hero Brenda Shuma is improving the lives of children with intellectual disabilities. Since 2009, the Gabriella Centre has helped 2,584 children and counting!

Current Status: In December 2015, GO Campaign approved a grant to purchase a minivan which would be used to provide transportation for children with disabilities to and from the center. The van has enabled the Centre to expand its reach to children residing in rural areas and those with mobility issues unable to board public transportation.
Before the purchase of the van, children unable to walk or board public transportation were not able to attend or receive critical services. This van has also relieved parents and caregivers of having to carry their children to and from the Centre. The van has also been used in emergency situations to take children to the hospital. Also, the van has served as a means of marketing for the Gabriella Centre as many children and families learned about the centre as a result of seeing the van. The vehicle has organically started the conversation to educate the community and to reduce the stigma associated with disabilities.

GO Campaign is committed to assisting Gabriella Centre to expand their programs and services to ensure all children with disabilities in East Africa reach their full potential. Stay tuned for future updates regarding our work with Gabriella Centre!