Friday Project Update: Will to Live Center IT Program

In May 2012, GO Campaign started providing support to GO Local Hero Cong Hung, Founder of the Will to Live Center in Hanoi and one of Vietnam’s leading activists for the rights of individuals with disabilities. Sadly, Cong Hung suddenly passed away in December 2012. Though he is no longer here, his legacy lives on. The center is currently run by his sister Thi Van. She is following in her brother’s footsteps and showing her community and the world that individuals with disabilities can lead independent and fulfilling lives.

In September 2015, GO Campaign approved a grant to provide support to for Will to Live Center’s IT six month residential IT vocational training program. Thanks to GO Campaign’s support, we were able to help 60 youth with disabilities learn IT skills and secure stable employment.

Funds helped youth like My create a new life. My may not look like it, but she is 28 years old. She was born with a hormone disability which impacts her ability to grow and develop. Before studying at the Will to Live Center, she was shy and lacked confidence. She spent most of her days confined to the inside of her home with limited interaction with the outside world. When My arrived at the center, she did not speak much because everything was strange to her. Initially, she struggled to in her computer classes. She was discouraged and even thought about dropping out of the program, but she persevered. Her roommates and classmates at Will to Live encouraged and helped her. After graduating from the program, she applied for a position at Imagtor, a photo editing company. She passed the skills test and job interview, and was hired! She is currently working as an editor. GO Campaign is proud to give My and her classmates the opportunity to reach their full potential.