Friday Project Update: Women’s Awareness Centre Nepal

Today I am going to share an example of how GO Campaign increases educational access for vulnerable children around the world.

Organization: Women’s Awareness Center Nepal (WACN)
Location: Kavre District

Context: There are hundreds of brick factories scattered throughout the Katmandu Valley. Millions of workers, many of them poor migrants, depend on this labor-intensive industry for their income. In many of these factories, it’s not uncommon to find children laboring all day and then drinking wine or lighting up a cigarette after a hard day’s work.

Background: GO Local Hero Prativa Subedi founded WACN to support the economic development of rural communities in Nepal. The organization focuses their initiatives on women and children because they believe they are the key to changing entire communities. Through saving and credit programs, microloans, and education initiatives, WACN is determined to break the cycle of poverty for Nepal’s children. WACN established 41 women’s cooperatives in five rural districts that provide 35,000 Nepalese women with banking tools for economic independence.

Current Status: In September 2016, GO Campaign approved a grant for $19,512 to WACN to implement a program targeting the children of migrant brick laborers. The project beneficiaries are children from 6 to 15 years old who sometimes labor with their parents in extremely dangerous conditions and are at risk of dropping out of school. Through GO Campaign’s support, WACN is giving these children an alternative path so they can continue their education and thrive.

Meet Rina
Rina is 13 years old. Her parents are migrant laborers who work in the J.K. Brick Factory in Bhaktapur. Last year, Rina accompanied her parents to the factory. She would wake with her mother at 1 am to start making bricks. Rina disliked the factory. There was dust everywhere, and it even covered her food when she sat to eat; during the winter, her family was required to work in the freezing cold. Rina missed school during the months her family was at the factory. Because of GO Campaign’s support, Rina and her family did not have to go to the brick factory this year! Rina is attending school and receiving the tutoring she needs to be on par with her peers. When asked about her future wishes, Rina said that she wants to complete her education; we are proud to help Rina achieve her dream.