Friday Project Update: Women’s Awareness Centre Nepal

Today I am going to share an example of how GO Campaign combats poverty around the world.

Organization: Women’s Awareness Center Nepal (WACN)
Location: Kavre District

Context: In Nepal, there are many reasons for poverty. For women, cultural traditions make things even harder. How can a female, unwelcome at birth and regarded as property, ever be seen as a real partner? GO Local Hero Prativa Subedi answers this question by empowering girls and women.

Background: Prativa founded WACN to help women develop their potential, gain self-confidence, and become active members of society. Prativa has helped rural women start projects such as environmental conservation programs, tree nurseries, small businesses, and more. Through a cooperative model, these women pool and invest money earning both income and savings. WACN established 41 women’s cooperatives in five rural districts of Nepal that provide 35,000 Nepalese women with banking tools for economic independence.

Current Status: In September 2016, GO Campaign approved a grant for $19,512 to WACN to implement a program targeting the children of migrant brick laborers. The project beneficiaries are children from 6 to 15 years old who are sometimes laboring with their parents in extremely dangerous conditions. Often these children drop out of school. Through GO Campaign’s support, WACN will provide these children with an alternative education so that they can become eligible to go back to school when they return home. Funds were wired in November and the program was approved to start this month.

See your Impact
If you question if a small grant can make a large difference, and want a peek into life in Nepal, check out this video showcasing the impact of our last grant to WACN.