Our Gala is more than just an event. It is an opportunity to connect with other philanthropic individuals who are committed to making a difference.

On Saturday, November 16th, 2019, more than 300 passionate supporters will gather with remarkable Local Heroes in support of children everywhere. Each year, GO Campaign events attract supporters ranging from business leaders and celebrities to entertainment executives and Los Angeles’ most elite philanthropists. There will be drinks, great food, and you will have the time of your life – but, most importantly, you will make a difference.

Honoring Adam Bold

Our Gala will honor Adam Bold for his outstanding commitment to philanthropy and his endless support of GO Campaign.  

From naming GO Campaign the official philanthropic partner of Abrams Artists Agency to gathering staff to purchase and assemble Mother’s Day gift baskets for moms in LA who lost their children to gun violence, we are so grateful to Adam and his extraordinary generosity. To show your personal support of Adam, you can make a tribute as a full, half, or quarter page ad through the form on the right. Tributes can be full color and full bleed. For best quality, please submit high resolution PDFs with .125″ bleed and crop marks.

All artwork must be received by November 9, 2019. For assistance, contact joy@gocampaign.org

Featuring “WhIsBe”

Contemporary artist WhIsBe has established a formidable reputation in both the renegade world of street art but also the mainstream art world encompassing the museum, gallery and arena of public installations. Regardless of where he works, the artist remains anonymous. His moniker, shorthand for “What is Beauty”, is at once innocuous and sweet and introduces more substantive themes of cultural examination and subversion that underline much of his body of work.

Inspired by Andy Warhol’s ingenious use of commercial imagery coupled with Jean-Michel Basquiat’s disruption of public space, WhIsBe wanted to share his message with a broad spectrum of people, not only those who have access to museums and galleries, and began putting up self-sanctioned work in the street in 2011. WhIsBe has since gone on to generate more and more content that sparks thoughtful dialogue and nuanced socio-awareness. Using a subversive formula of colliding seemingly innocent images with meaningful messages, WhIsBe’s subtle alterations to known designs irrevocably disrupt their meaning. For instance, in his iconic Vandal Gummy series, WhIsBe places the beloved sugary treat against a prison mugshot background, gripping an identity placard in between his gelatin paws. This juxtaposition between the nostalgic and the sinister has become a hallmark of WhIsBe’s body of work—in presenting attractive images that viewers initially feel safe absorbing, WhIsBe cleverly and strategically encourages them to examine their own critique of problematic institutions.

WhIsBe has partnered with charities and corporations ranging from the Art Works Charity Foundation to Charity Water to Red Bull to COACH and has exhibited work at notable events including: Art Basel through Castle Fitzjohns Gallery, Context & Art New York, and Art Southampton through the Keszler Gallery. In 2016, he collaborated with the New Museum in New York City to create a large-scale installation of three-dimensional, polychrome Vandal Gummies as well as a series of limited-edition prints.

In 2017, WhIsBe was invited among select significant contemporaries to create work for 4 World Trade Center’s 69th floor and commissioned to place a seven foot tall “Vandal Gummy” sculpture for the buildings lobby centerpiece.

GO Gala 2018

GO Gala 2017

Featuring “WhIsBe”