Giving Opportunity to Children Like Laxmi

At the 2016 GO Gala, the GO Campaign community raised funds to help CNN Superhero and our GO Local Hero Pushpa Basnett launch the first program ever to address the needs of children forced to reside in Nepal’s prisons with their incarcerated parent.

This is the story of Laxmi, one of the children Pushpa cares for through her organization, Early Childhood Development Centre (ECDC). After Laxmi’s mother was incarcerated in Nepal, Laxmi lived with their aunt for a short time before being relocated to the prison with their mother. When Pushpa found her, she brought her to live with her in her the Butterfly Home, and made sure she was well cared for, supported, encouraged and most of all, loved. Pushpa ensured Laxmi visited with her mother weekly, but even after she was released from prison, Laxmi chose to stay at the Butterfly Home and is now pursuing an education in art, which helped her through the difficult childhood she endured.

Since 2016, GO Campaign support has enabled Pushpa to reach 200 children just like Laxmi in 35 prisons across Nepal. 

Click here to read Laxmi’s story in her own words.

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