GO-ing to Tijuana

In February of 2019, GO Campaign took its first bus trip to the Tijuana border with our donors to see the life-changing work being done by GO Local Hero Mark Lane through Minority Humanitarian Foundation. GO Campaign supporter and acclaimed director Craig Gillespie (I, Tonya) came along and documented the trip. Watch the video below.
Interested in joining us on our next bus trip to the border and seeing the real change our Local Heroes are making? Contact Director of Development, Gina Katz at gina@gocampaign.org for more information.

Mark Lane

GO Campaign started working with Mark Lane, Executive Director of Minority Humanitarian Foundation, in January. Mark is a committed and passionate activist who is addressing the needs of migrants and asylum seekers on both sides of the San Diego-Tijuana border. He crosses the border daily to visit shelters In Tijuana, detention facilities in the US, and individuals and families living in the US with active asylum cases. GO Campaign funds have been critical to sustaining Mark’s work and enabling him to continue to respond to any crisis. Whether it is a family that was dumped on a street corner in San Diego in the middle of the night by ICE to ensuring that shelters in Tijuana have enough tents and food to accommodate the latest caravan of migrants, Mark Lane is there and thanks to GO Campaign he is able to offer help.

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