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Postcards from Cuba

A photography collection specialist shares images and memories from her recent trip.

By: Tasha Lutek  | June 26, 2019


“As the Photography collection specialist my primary role is caring for photographic works in the Museum’s collection. However, I’m also always interested to learn how institutions and artists in varied situations and with different resources care for their collections and archives. I recently spent a week in Havana, Cuba, exploring photography collections, taking in architectural sites, and speaking with artists and curators. I had been curious about practices in Cuba because of the unique storage challenges the tropical climate presents. In an area where materials are not readily available, Cuban people have a legacy of creative and innovative strategies. Below are highlights from my trip.

Pavel Garcia, coordinator for the BarrioHabana project, gave me a tour of several public spaces the organization has renovated for community use. The group’s goals are to improve the quality of life for members of the community of all ages. They have restored neglected neighborhood spaces by installing fútbol nets, basketball courts, and brightly painted murals. Traditional symbolic Cuban imagery unfolds across the murals, such as the transformation of a cat into a fish, which represents the nightly transformation of Malecón from a bustling mainstreet to a site for gathering and celebration.”


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