#GOODNEWS from Minority Humanitarian Foundation

Thanks to GO Campaign’s support, a 19 year-old refugee from Cameroon is safe due to the work of GO Campaign partner, Minority Humanitarian Foundation (MHF). 

This 19 year-old refugee walked through the Panama Jungle and traveled through a dozen different countries to get to the United States border. He was a student before the bloody conflict in Cameroon forced his school to shut down. After being held in ICE detention for over three months, he was lucky enough to be released. Unfortunately, it was in the middle of the night, with only a potato sack holding his belongings and during the coronavirus pandemic. MHF has been housing him in a hotel since they picked him up on Friday, March 13th. 

Now he has a bag full of donated clothes and he’s relaxing in a hotel, watching cartoons. MHF is hopeful that he will be able to fly home soon. 

The mission of MHF is to provide a humanitarian response to the issues facing immigrants and refugees on a global scale. MFH believes that all humans should be treated with dignity and respect, despite their country of origin.

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