#GOODNEWS from Kibera Green

Thanks to GO Campaign’s support, the welding program at Kibra Green, located in Nairobi, Kenya, is thriving. 

Throughout Kenya,informal settlements like Kibera, have acute development needs disproportionately affecting youth and women. Beyond the daily struggles of extreme poverty, are domestic and sexual violence, drug abuse and rampant criminality.

The Kibra Green empowerment project enables the community, especially young women and youth, to create their own employment opportunities. Additionally, for youth whose education has been cut short, this program creates a path for a brighter future.

Grant funds not only doubled the capacity of the program but upgraded the safety protocols and equipment for the welding program. Such equipment, including bright green protective suits, have not only resulted in a drastic reduction in injuries but also become a symbol of hope to the community, a beacon for the program, increasing brand awareness and encouraging additional youth to participate.

With 30 youth, 18 adult women and 12 adult men benefiting from the project, community stakeholders have committed to creating employment opportunities. For example, a new boarding facility for Kibera Girls Soccer Academy has resulted in a contract for the youth at Kibra Green’s welding program to provide window frames, metal doors, and rails for the staircase and balcony. 

With a greater presence in the community, and the obvious impact of their work as an aspirational example for their peers, there has been a marked reduction in both violence and drug use amongst community youth. Kibra Green is beyond proud of this accomplishment and excited to grow the program and have the opportunity to impact even more lives.

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