Africa Schoolhouse,  Tanzania

Jefta Kishosha


Jefta Kishosha is the Vice President of Community Relations of the Africa Schoolhouse Board of Directors. Kishosha has been working with Africa Schoolhouse since 2007; his insight and perspective are extremely valuable because he is a member of the Ntulya community and knows and understands how best to address the community’s needs. He is the Project Administrator for Africa Schoohouse’s Ntulya School Project.

Kishosha has also worked as the organization’s liaison with the Missungwi District Offices to oversee the purchase of cement to be used to produce bricks in Ntulya. In addition to work his with Africa Schoolhouse, Kishosha is the owner and operator of the Utamaduni Camp which teaches visitors about Sukuma culture.

Kishosha comes from a long line of Sukuma Bagalu Dance society members and he takes pride in maintaining cultural customs and teaching others about these traditions.  Read more about GO’s projects with Kishosha and Africa Schoolhouse below.

Jefta Kishosha Leads the Following Project

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Health Clinic

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Access for Youth

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Girls' Dormitory

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