Stepping Forward LA,  USA

Beth Ryan


Beth Ryan is the Executive Director of Stepping Forward LA, an organization that connects foster youth to a community of mentors, hands-on employment training, and a variety of resources to provides support as they transition out of the foster system. She is committed to giving the youth a sense of belonging and the tools they need to uncover and accomplish their dreams and goals.

Prior to working with former foster youth, Beth was Senior Vice President of the Los Angeles Police Foundation, and also partnered with the LAPD to create a youth program in the summer of 2006, after three youth were shot and killed by gang activity in her community. She collaborated with key players from the community – Captains and officers from LAPD, the Principal and Deans from Hamilton High School, City Council members, School Board Members, Neighborhood Prosecutors, Park Directors, Neighborhood Councils and Council members, local homeowners, neighborhood associations and community members. This program earned Ms. Ryan awards and commendations from city, state and federal officials. Her program was responsible for transforming an entire community and reducing violent crime by 80%

Beth’s focus for the future is to continue expanding Stepping Forward LA’s programs through leadership programs for the youth to continue to build their skills and to give back to those still in care. Her ultimate goal is to ensure that no foster youth feels alone or abandoned and has everything they need to be successful.

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