The Himalayan Innovative Society,  Nepal

Dhan Bahadur Lama


DB Lama and The Himalayan Innovative Society are committed to the victims of child trafficking and forced labor in Humla, a district in the northwestern part of Nepal. DB himself was born and raised in this community, and had the fortunate opportunity to study later in his life in Kathmandu. With his knowledge and experience, he soon dreamt of being a teacher in Humla in order to educate and uplift the families and children of his hometown. Over the course of his career, DB served as a teacher in Humla as well as other neighboring districts. DB has served as the Executive Director of The Himalayan Innovative Society since its founding in 2003. His efforts have been recognized by the UN Development Programme, and he was recently nominated for their N­Peace Award in 2014. ­

Dhan Bahadur Lama Leads the Following Project

Stop Trafficking

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THIS Earthquake Relief

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