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Ezra Kwizera


Meet Local Hero Ezra Kwizera, a community organizer, humanitarian and acclaimed musician and music producer. Ezra is a Rwandan refugee who grew up in Uganda, surviving hardship, war, and poverty. In 2002, he and his wife, Mona, volunteered at a newly opened yet poorly equipped orphanage for 100 boys, just outside of Kigali. Truly inspired by the experience, the couple started Narrow Roads in 2004 to help the older boys from the same orphanage who had either returned to street life or were too old to remain at the orphanage but had not yet gained enough life skills to sustain themselves. Narrow Roads started a transition program for 15 young men. In the program, the boys were given a place to stay and put through a 2-year job-training program. The goal was to help them become self-sustaining and contributing members of society. Over the years, Narrow Roads has expanded its programs to include running a sewing school, providing school fees and food to vulnerable youth, and assisting HIV positive mothers. Read more about Ezra’s project with GO below.

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