Earth Rights Institute (ERI),  D.R. Congo

Fr. Jean Claude Atusameso


Local Hero Father Jean-Claude Atusameso has dedicated his life to bringing hope and opportunities to his fellow citizens of the Democratic Republic of Congo. As Earth Rights Institute (ERI) Program Coordinator for the Democratic Republic of Congo, Fr. Jean Claude works to revitalize and strengthen the war-torn DRC by partnering with local communities, donors, and governments to provide knowledge and resources to empower the Congolese people to shape their futures free of poverty. GO provided ERI and Fr. Jean Claude with a grant to develop an income generating poultry farm at a training center for orphans and street children. The program allows children to learn how to raise hens and other poultry as well as generates funds from the sale of the poultry to sustain the efforts of the training center. Read more about Fr. Jean Claude’s project with GO below.

Fr. Jean Claude Atusameso Leads the Following Project

Income-Generating Poultry Farming

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