Green Awareness Africa (GAWA),  Namibia

Gareth Amos


In November 2009, Gareth Amos successfully launched Namibia’s first green charity, GAWA. Gareth believes that there is no greater imperative than the prevention of the ecological collapse of our planet and it is crucial that people work together to stop environmental damage. GAWA’s first objective was to encourage Namibians to practice green awareness in their workplaces, therefore helping them to integrate healthy environmental practices into their daily activities.

GAWA worked with the Namibian government and local schools to initiate the Green Zone School Project that promotes environmental sustainability and supports “green” community building in Windhoek. GO awarded GAWA a $4,900 GO Getter Prize that enabled 15 schools in Namibia to plant and grow organic orange trees on campus which helped to raise awareness on the importance of living in a “green” community that promotes environmental sustainability.

Gareth Amos Leads the Following Project

Greening of 10 Schools

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