Kilimahewa Women and Orphan Center for Education (KIWOCE),  Tanzania

Grace Lyimo


Local Hero Grace Lyimo is known as “Mama Grace” in the village of Kilimahewa, Tanzania. A trained nurse, community health worker and former Peace Corps staff, Mama Grace is a longtime advocate for impoverished families and those struggling with disabilities in Kilimahewa and the surrounding villages. She is the founder and coordinator of Kilimahewa Women and Orphan Center for Education (KIWOCE). In an effort to address the alcoholism, TB, malaria and a lack of educational opportunities in the area, she created KIWOCE with 16 women, who each contributed a small amount of money every week to help each other. Grace continues to spearhead KIWOCE and slowly achieve her dreams for the youth of Kilimahewa. Read more about Mama  Grace’s project below.

Grace Lyimo Leads the Following Project

Kilimahewa School

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Furnishing the Future

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