Rwanda Growth Initiative,  Rwanda

Grace Nakato


Grace Nakato—or “Mama Grace” as the children call her—strives to provide resources and educational opportunities to youth in Gisenyi, Rwanda so that they not only can improve their lives but also can actively contribute to the betterment of their community. With the loving care of a mother, she ensures youth have their basic needs met, their school fees paid for and they are attending school. Grace started working with the Rwanda Growth Initiative (RGI) in 2011 in order to oversee their partnership with Narrow Roads Ministries. Previously, RGI was working closely with the Rwandan Ministry of Education to develop sustainable educational systems to address the evolving needs of the country and its marginalized youth, including school scholarships and vocational training programs. Grace and RGI strive to empower Rwandan youth to lift themselves and their families out of poverty by equipping them with the tools and resources they need to secure stable jobs and become part of the solution to their communities challenges. Read more about Grace and her project with GO below.

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