Samburu Handicap Education Rehabilitation Program (SHERP),  Kenya

Grace Seneiya


Grace Seneiya is a Local Hero Samburu, Kenya.  She founded and runs SHERP, an organization that provides a loving home, food, clothing, counseling, schooling and access to basic medical care to Kenyan children living with disabilities. Since ancient times, the Samburu people have been nomads, following their herds as they search for grazing land. Sadly, this nomadic life style is not conducive to the special care needed by children with disability. Disabled children are seen as a burden and are often abandoned and left to die at birth or in the best case, grow up locked inside and simply neglected.

Born and raised in Samburu, Grace could not stand to live with this cruel tradition and after her education, she took a job teaching blind children in Samburu County. Quickly discovering there were no visually impaired children in school, Grace set out to look for these children in the community. She found five blind youth living in desperate conditions who had never been to school before. She brought the youth to her house to live, taught them Braille and enrolled them in the school where she was teaching. From this humble beginning, SHERP now services 156 children living with disabilities.

Though Grace operates SHERP on a shoestring budget, the center is a clean and well-organized home where the children’s abilities and confidence are being fostered. Grace is indeed a champion of change for her community and the world. To learn more about Grace and her projects with GO click below.

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