Carolyn A. Miller Elementary School (CAMES),  Liberia

Henry Advertus Snyder


Meet Local Hero Henry Snyder who works to ensure that the impoverished students at the Carolyn A. Miller Elementary School (CAMES) in Liberia receive all the necessary nutrients for healthy physical and intellectual development. Henry is the Program Manager for the Niapele Project that runs the nutritional program at CAMES, one of the only tuition-free private schools in Liberia. The school serves children who are socially and economically vulnerable—war affected youth, primarily orphans, returnee-refugees and abandoned children. No stranger to running large food support programs, Henry dedicates himself to providing food and nutritional support to his fellow Liberians. He has worked as Food Aid Monitor for the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) in Liberia, served as focus person for Food Support to Local Initiatives under WFP to oversee and implement community based recovery projects for war affected returnee communities, and was a Field Officer in collaboration with other United Nations agencies and international organizations for the de-registration and resettlement of over 200,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) and refugees. By overseeing and implementing the school nutrition program, Henry is helping over 600 primary and secondary school children to focus in class, thereby increasing learning capacity, and, ultimately, the quality of their education and their lives. Read more about Henry’s project with GO below.

Henry Advertus Snyder Leads the Following Project

Niapele Project School Nutrition Program

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