Children of Peace Uganda,  Uganda

Jane Ekayu


Growing up in a large family, Jane learned to prioritize the needs of others above her own from a very young age. She was a diligent student and determined to obtain her degree, even baking chapattis and knitting blankets to earn the money needed to pay for her schooling. Against the odds, she completed a teacher certification program in 2002. Two years later while listening to a radio program describing the plight of returning child soldiers she felt compelled to help. She immediately went to the Rachele Rehabiliation Centre to see what assistance she could offer; she became a counselor tasked with aiding youth to process what they had seen, done, or experienced during the conflict. During her time at the RRC, she worked with 3,000 former child soldiers. When the RRC closed in 2007, Jane felt strongly that there was still more work to do; she started Children of Peace Uganda (CPU) so that she could continue to support these children.

Jane Ekayu Leads the Following Project

Trauma Therapy

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Children of Peace

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